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How To Play The Game : video Slots

  • Clicking on Bet One allows you to choose a payline each at a cost of 25c. To the side of the reels are the line numbers and it is possible to click on these to choose the number active paylines. Clicking on payline 1 will select just this but choosing payline 5 will also include the other 4 paylines. By pressing Bet Max all five paylines are selected and the reel will be set into action.
  • By clicking Spin the reels will be set in motion.
  • A win is in accordance to the winning table if the reel stops at a winning combination.
What is a Bonus Game?

A Bonus Round is an option in a number of Video Slot games and instructions are clearly presented on entering. Wins are in accordance with the decisions you make in the game. To view your total winnings from all bonus rounds click on the ‘You win' marked on the screen.

Paytable The paytable can be viewed by clicking on the paytable button and closed the same way.
Bet One Used to add a wager for the amount of one coin – you can increase at most by five coins, automatically initiating a payline each time. By clicking Spin the reel will start.
Bet Max The largest wager of five coins will automatically be bet and the reel will be spun automatically.
Spin The Spin button sets the reels in motion.

Rather than using the buttons certain keys can be used from the keyboard to play as further explained below.

Press this key To do this
TAB Used to highlight a button
ENTER Will activate the selected button
SPACEBAR To set the reel in motion at the current wager
ESC Exits you from the game.


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