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How to play: derby day

This betting game features virtual horses and allows for a number of betting opportunities:


The horses that will feature in the race are listed on the left of the screen. To view their statistics click on the horse's name. Up to two horses can be viewed at a time in order to compare them.

The current form of the horse can be viewed in the ‘Points' section. If a horse is ranked with higher points the payout will be lower and vice versa.

Going and weather:

To make the race as real as possible, up on the right corner of the screen the weather and going status is on display that can affect all the horses, however to almost the same degree.


Up to nine bets can be made per race and all your bets can be viewed from the table at the centre of the screen. Press X in the right corner of the bet to cancel it.

Payouts are worked out in accordance with the going and weather and the points amount for each horse.

A red background will appear if a payout on a horse is under 1 and the bets for these horses are disallowed.

These are the different kinds of bets:

Winner – Simply, a win if the horse you chose is triumphant.

Exacta – horse that takes second position in the race. With a higher payout here you must predict the winner and the horse that will take second place in the race.

Place – If your chosen horse comes in either at first or second place you win.

Show – If your chosen horse comes in at first, second or third place you win.

Pick IV-V – With a greater payout if successful this bet has you predicting the first four or five horses to complete the race in their order. A payout is even greater if you choose to predict and are right on all five horses.

Click on Race once all your bets have been placed to begin the race. If you win any of your bets they will be paid in accordance to the payout and if you win and multiple wins will automatically be calculated for you.

The casino tool bar is situated at the bottom edge of the game window and contains:


Rather than using the buttons certain keys can be used from the keyboard to play as further explained below.

TAB – Allows you to move to and from the buttons on the screen

ENTER – Will activate the selected button

Large Wins Information:

If a win is or exceeds $10,000 it is viewed as a large win that will need a live operator to validate it.

Malfunctions Information:

If a malfunction occurs all plays and bets will be made void.


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