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How To Play Te Game: Deuces Wild
  • The + and – buttons on the right hand side are used to change the value of the coin you use for your bet.
  • There are two betting options. You can click either Bet One or Bet Max. By clicking Bet Max you place the maximum wager of five coins and the cards are dealt automatically. By clicking Bet One you increase your bet by one coin; this can be done up to five times. Another option is to click the column on the winnings table that matches your bet size.
  • To be dealt your cards after using Bet One simply click on Deal.
  • Cards can be held by clicking on the Hold button or by clicking on the card you wish to keep.
  • Cards that were not held are replaced by clicking on Deal.
  • The round is over if your hand did not contain a winning combination and you can begin again. If it did then the game continues as described below.

If you won the round then you can either collect your winnings (click on Collect) or choose to bet your winnings and Double.

Alternatively, you can bet half of your winnings and bank the other half, to do this click on Half Double.

When doubling is taking place the amount bet is shown on the Bet screen and the amount available to be won is shows on the Win screen.

Bet Max Wager the maximum of five coins and receive cards for the round
Bet One Wager a coin or increase your bet by a coin until the bet reaches the maximum of five. Afterwards, click Deal to be dealt cards for the round
Deal Deal a fresh hand or swap cards that you did not hold for new ones
Hold Choose which cards to hold on to. Clicking the button for a second time will release the card. Clicking on the card itself is an alternative to using the button.
These buttons are used to play specific cards during doubling.
Shortcut keys

You can use the keys listed below on the keyboard in place of using the mouse to click buttons on screen.

Press this key To do this
TAB Go to the next button on screen
ENTER Triggers the button which the cursor is on, the same effect as clicking it
SPACE BAR Quickly place the same bet as you did in the previous round and have the cards dealt
NUMBERS 1,2,3,4,5. The numbers each represent a card; one represents the first card from the left, two the second from the left and so on. In order to hold a card simply press the corresponding key
ESC Quit the game


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