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How To Play Pontoon:

Pontoon is very similar to Blackjack in that it shares the same objective: to build a hand that is as close as possible to 21 points without exceeding it. It is played using 8 standard decks of 52 cards each.


The Pontoon Table:

The Pontoon table is comprised of a playing area in which the wagered chips and dealt cards are placed, as well as a betting area in which all the different chip values are presented, and a controls area in which all the playing options in the game are featured.

The Pontoon Game Buttons:

You can place your bet by clicking on the desired chips. To control the rest of the game from here onwards, use the following buttons:

Deal/Rebet To start the hand after having placed your bet or to bet the same amount as in the previous game (if you haven't yet manually bet)
Hit To receive another card
Stand To indicate that you don't want any more cards. If you choose this, game play will cross-over to the dealer
Double If your hand is strong and you believe that it will win (for example, your hand is worth 11 and there is a good chance you will draw a 10), then you can "double" your bet. This can be used only once per game, yet extra cards can be drawn as desired after doing so. William Hill Casino also lets you double after splitting (explained below)
Split To split your hand into two separate hands
Quick Control of the Game:

Use the following shortcut keys in order to control your Pontoon game quicker:

Button: Function:
TAB To tab between the buttons featured on the screen
ENTER To choose the button that is currently highlighted
SPACE BAR To start a new game of Pontoon, and if you haven't yet bet manually, to Rebet
NUMBER KEYS To insert your bet amount
ESC To exit the game and go back to the lobby


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