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Mini Roulette

Course of the Game:

  1. Select a chip value to bet with by clicking on it. This can be changed at any time before spinning the Mini Roulette wheel, simply by clicking on a different chip. However, it will only change the value for future bets and not those already placed.
  2. Make your bet by clicking on the area of the table that corresponds to it – your chip will be placed there. To remove a chip from your bet, right click on it. As many bets as you wish can be made for the same spin.
  3. To spin the wheel, click Spin.

*Please remember that the minimum and maximum betting limits in your game are dependent upon the level of your VIP status. Further information on this and the various betting options and their payouts is explained in the European Roulette Rules page, which we recommend reading if you haven’t already done so.

Game Controls:

RebetTo make the same bet as you made in your previous game.
Clear BetsTo clear the betting board of all previous bets placed.
SpinTo spin the European Roulette wheel.
Skip TurnTo skip your turn (relevant only when playing in multiplayer mode).

Quick Navigation:

You can navigate through the game quickly and make commands using these keys on your keyboard:

TABTabs between the different buttons on the screen.
ENTERChooses the button that is highlighted at this moment.
SPACEBARSelects the bet you made in the previous round of European Roulette.
NUMBER KEYSSelects a chip value. Various number keys correspond to various chip values, and the number of working keys depends on the number of chips allowed for that player. This can be subject to change.
ESCExits the game and takes you back to the lobby.