Red Dog
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How To Play The Game: Red Dog


Red Dog is a quantitative game, scoring cards based on their value with no relevance to the particular suit. Jacks are worth 11, Queens are worth 12, Kings are worth 13, and Aces are worth 14.

  • Start off with a bet. To add chips to your bet, click on the chips. To remove chips from your bet, right click on them.
  • Ready? Click Deal to get your cards.
  • Two cards are dealt on the table. If the values of the cards are consecutive, the round is a tie. Your bet is returned to you and this round is over. If the cards are of equal value, the dealer will draw an additional card. If the third card matches the initial two cards, you win 11 to 1. If it does not match, the round is a tie.
  • If the cards are not in consecutive order and the values are not equal, a ‘spread' is established. The length of the spread is determined by the gap between the values of the two cards on the table. For example, if there is a five and a Jack on the table, there is a spread of five; a two and a three, a spread of one.
  • After you have noted the spread, you have the option to raise your bet. If you choose to raise, your original bet is doubled. If you choose to call, you may continue without raising your bet. To raise, click Raise. To call, click Call.
  • At this point, a third card will be drawn. To win, this third card must fall between the values of the two cards on the table – it can neither match either of the existing cards nor falls outside the established spread.
  • When the third card has been dealt and the round is over, click New Game to play again. If you want to place the same amount as you bet in the prior round, click Rebet. To change the amount, follow the instructions above to place a new bet.
Deal Signals to the dealer that you have placed your bet and are ready to begin the round
Raise Doubles your existing bet before continuing
Call Tells the dealer you have reviewed your cards and have chosen to continue without raising your bet
New Game Starts a new round of the game
Rebet Deals the cards and maintains the same bet as you had placed in the prior round of the game
Shortcut Keys:

The following shortcut keys are designed to make your playing experience as easy and straightforward as possible.

Shortcut Key: Action:
TAB Shifts the button you have selected on the screen
ENTER Clicks on the button you have selected on the screen
NUMBER KEYS Raises your bet. Each number key raises the bet by a different amount. All of this will depend upon the current player and the chips they are allowed (subject to change)
ESC Exits the game and takes you to the game lobby