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How To Play The Game Aces And Faces


  • On the right-hand side of the screen there are + and – buttons. Use these to change the value of the coin you want to bet each round.
  • If you wish to place the maximum bet of five coins click Bet Max, this will also automatically deal the cards. Otherwise, add coins to the bet one at a time by clicking Bet One (until you reach the maximum of five). Instead of using these buttons you can place a bet by clicking the column on the winnings table which denotes the size of bet you wish to place.
  • If you have used Bet One then click on Deal to receive your cards.
  • Choose which cards you wish to keep by pressing the Hold button underneath the card, or by clicking on the card itself.
  • Click Deal to replace the cards that you did not choose to hold.
  • If your hand does not contain a winning combination of cards the round is over and you can start a new game. However, if you did get a winning combination the game continues as described in the next section.

If you end with a winning hand, you can end the game and collect your winnings (click on Collect). Alternatively, you can bet your winnings (click on Double).

If you wish to double your bet you have a further option of half doubling. This means that you bet using half of the amount you won. The rest of the money goes into your balance. Click on Half Double to do this.

Throughout doubling, the Win screen shows how much can be won and the Bet screen shows the amount that has been bet for doubling.

Bet Max Bet the maximum five coins and the cards are dealt automatically
Bet One Bet a single coin or add one coin to the bet, until the maximum of five has been reached. Once complete click Deal to receive your cards
Deal Receive a new hand of cards or replace cards that you chose not to hold
Hold If you want to hold a card, click this button to select it. Release the card by clicking again. Instead of using the button a card can be clicked on. The Hold button is also used when doubling to select which cards to play.
Shortcut keys

If you do not like using a mouse then all actions can be completed using the following keyboard shortcuts.

Press this key To do this
TAB Select the next button
ENTER Activate the button which is highlighted (it is as if you clicked on it)
SPACE BAR Wager the same amount as the previous round and deal the cards
NUMBERS 1,2,3,4,5. These are used to Hold cards. The numbers correspond to the cards on screen from left to right, for example press one to select the first card
ESC Exit the game


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