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How To Play The Game: Caribbean Stud :


  1. Ready to play? It couldn't be easier – let's get started!
  2. To place an ante, click on the chips
  3. To remove chips from your ante, right click on the chips placed on the table
  4. To deal the cards, click the Deal button and you will be dealt your five-card, face-up hand. These are your only cards for this particular round.
  5. Stay in or fold – you decide.
    • If you choose to stay in, click the Call button. By doing this you will double the amount of your original ante.
    • If you choose to fold, click the Fold button. By doing this you will end the round and you will lose the amount you originally bet.
  6. See what the dealer has.
    • At this point, the dealer's cards are revealed and you can compare hands. Unless the dealer has a King/Ace combination, he does not qualify. If this is the case, you will win even money (1 to 1) on the amount you anted and your additional bet is returned to you.
    • If the dealer's hand is superior to your own, you lose your ante and the amount of any additional bet.
    • If the dealer's hand holds a King/Ace combination but still does not beat your hand, you win even money on the ante and additional money according to the winnings table.
The Buttons:
Clear Bets Clears the bet you have placed on the table.
Deal Signals to the dealer that you are ready to begin the round. When there are multiple players, cards will only be dealt once everyone has signalled they are ready to be dealt their hand.
Call Tells the dealer you have reviewed your cards and have chosen to stay in the round.
Fold Tells the dealer you have reviewed your cards and have chosen to fold and not remain in the round.
New Game Starts a new game round (you must wait until the completion of the past round).
Re-bet Bets the same amount for your ante and additional side bets as you placed in the last round.
The Shortcuts:

The following shortcut keys are designed to make your playing experience as easy and straightforward as possible.

Shortcut key: Action:
TAB Shifts the button you have selected on the screen.
ENTER Clicks on the button you have selected on the screen.
SPACE BAR Starts a new game round; if pressed twice it will also re-bet
NUMBER KEYS Raises your bet. Each number key raises the bet by a different amount. All of this will depend upon the current player and the chips they are allowed (subject to change).
ESC Exits the game and takes you to the game lobby.


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