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How To Play The Game Sic Bo:

Sic Bo originated in ancient China and translates as ‘Dice Pair' although in this game actually three dice are used. It is a simple yet fun game with a clear objective. A bet should be placed on a predicted result of the roll of the dice. The dice should then be rolled and if the result is as you predicted you win the round. If the outcome is not as you predicted then the bet is lost.

  • To select a chip simply click on it and then place your bet, by clicking on the bet area on the table. If you wish to place yet another bet you can either click on the same area to increase your bet by one chip or you can choose another chip with a different value. If you choose to remove one chip from an area you can do so by right clicking on that area. A number of chips can be simultaneously placed in different areas.
  • Click on Roll.

The Dice will automatically be rolled and the game result will be shown. Bets should then be placed as explained previously and then click Roll to roll the dice. To keep the same bet as in your previous round simply press on Rebet.

Roll The dice is rolled.
Clear Bets Every bet on the table will be removed.
Rebet The same bet as in the last round is placed.
Skip Turn In a multiplayer game mode this allows you to pass your turn.
Shortcut keys :

Rather than using the buttons certain keys can be used from the keyboard to play as further explained below.

Key Function
TAB Allows you to move to and from the buttons on the screen.
ENTER Will activate the selected button.
SPACEBAR This will begin a new round, and if the spacebar is pressed again it will let you Rebet.
NUMBER KEYS Each number key corresponds to a different chip that can be selected. You can only press the numbers that correspond to the chips currently allowed for the player.
ESC Exits you from the game back to the lobby.


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