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How to Play the Blackjack Game:

William Hill Casino uses 6 decks of cards in regular Blackjack

  • Selecting a mode of play: to play Blackjack in multihand mode and play up to three hands at the same time, simply choose the "Multihand" option featured in the casino lobby. You can also choose from Multiplayer and Private Group Mode options, yet playing in a private group requires that you know its name.
  • Making a bet: you can choose the chip value you wish to play with by clicking on the chip with the desired value displayed on it. Increase your bet by clicking on "Bet" and decrease it by the selected amount by right clicking on the chip. You can make the same bet as you did in the previous round of Blackjack by clicking on "Rebet".
  • Dealing the cards: to deal the cards, click "Deal". To play another round of Blackjack, click "New Game".
  • Choosing how to play: you can choose to either Hit, Stand, Double or Split by clicking on the appropriate buttons. If the dealer's up card is an Ace, the Insurance option will be enabled. Choose this if you would like to insure your bet against the dealer having Blackjack. Remember that the Insurance, Double and Split options all require that you make an additional wager. Therefore, if your account lacks money to fund it, these playing options will be disabled.
How to Control Your Game of Blackjack:
Deal Deal new cards.
Insurance Insure your bet in case the dealer has Blackjack.
Double Double your wager and get a third card:
Hit Request one more card.
Stand Draw no more cards and start the dealer's turn.
New Game Start a new round of Blackjack.
Rebet Place the same bet as that made in the previous round, then deal new cards.
Skip Turn Skip your turn (available only when playing in multiplayer mode).
Split Split your hand into two separate hands.
Shortcuts to Controlling Your Blackjack Game:
TAB Move between on-screen buttons.
ENTER Select the highlighted button.
SPACE BAR Start a new game.
NUMBER KEYS Increase your bet by the corresponding chip value for each number key. The number of keys available for use depends on your chip limit and is subject to change.
ESC Leave the game and return to the lobby.


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