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How to Play the Blackjack Surrender

* Our version of Blackjack Surrender is played using 6 decks.

William Hill Casino also offers Blackjack Surrender in Multi-hand and Private Group modes. Multi-hand mode lets you play up to 5 hands simultaneously in each game of Blackjack Surrender, and Private Group Mode lets several players share the same Blackjack table (you must know the name of the Private Group in order to join it). You can select these modes of play at the lobby.

Playing the Game:
  • You can increase your bet by clicking on chips, or decrease it by right clicking on chips.
  • Start the game by pressing "Deal".
  • You are offered insurance if the dealer has an Ace – choose it if you wish to insure yourself against the dealer having Blackjack.
  • You can "Hit", "Stand", "Double", "Spilt" and "Surrender" by pressing the corresponding buttons. Remember that Insurance, Double and Split require extra bets – these options will be disabled if your account cannot fund them.
  • Pressing "New Game" will start another round of Blackjack Surrender.
Button Functions:

Control the Blackjack Surrender game by using the following on-screen playing options:

Button: Function:
Deal Deals new cards to players
Insurance Protects the player's bet against the dealer possibly having Blackjack
Double Doubles the wager and gives the player his/her 3rd card
Hit Requests another card from the dealer
Stand Draws no more cards and starts the dealer's turn
Surrender Surrenders the player's first two cards. This is available only after the dealer has checked for Blackjack. Surrendering means the player loses half his/her bet and the game ends
New Game Starts a new game
Rebet Places the same bet as in the previous round and deals new cards to players
Skip Turn Skips the current deal (available in multi-player mode only)
Split Splits the hand in two

Use these keys for fast navigation around the screen and control of the Blackjack Surrender game:

Button: Function:
TAB Highlights the next button on the screen
ENTER Clicks on the currently highlighted button
SPACE BAR Starts a new game and Rebets if pressed twice
NUMBER KEYS Raise the bet. Each key raises the bet by a different amount, and the number of operating keys depends on the player's chip limit. The number keys' functioning is therefore subject to change
ESC Exits the game and returns the player to the lobby


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