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How To Play The Game: Keno

This globally popular ancient Chinese lottery-type game is extremely playable and fun.

Initially you must choose at least two but no more than ten numbers by clicking on them on the table. To unselect a number simply re-click on it. Pressing the clear button will deselect all of your chosen numbers.

The Payout Table situated on the left of the screen can be viewed while you are selecting your numbers. It displays how much money you win is displayed in the Payouts column for the amount of correct numbers you have in the Hits Column.

By pressing on the + and – buttons you can choose how much you wish to bet on one game round. You can now select Play One to play one round with your selected numbers or Play Five where five games will be played in a row.

Pressing on Play automatically 20 numbers will be drawn. If you have matching numbers, hits, you will be paid in accordance with the winnings table. The results table on the right displays the results for just your last round unless you played a five- round series in which case you can see your last results.

Clear Allows you to deselect either all your chosen numbers or deselect an individual numbers by re-clicking on it.
Play One One game with the numbers you have chosen will be played.
Play Five Five games will be played in a row.
Shortcut keys:

Rather than using the buttons certain keys can be used from the keyboard to play as further explained below.

Press this key To do this
TAB Allows you to move to and from the buttons on the screen
ENTER Will activate the selected button
ESC Exits you from the game


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