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How to play the game Joker Poker:

  • Only one coin value is used for betting in each round. Use the + and – buttons on the right of the screen to select which coin you wish to use
  • When placing your bet you can either place the maximum of five coins by clicking on Bet Max or you can increase the bet by one coin by clicking on Bet One. The bet can be incremented by one up to five times. The columns representing bets on the winnings table can also be clicked on to place a bet
  • Unless you used the Bet Max button, click on Deal to be dealt a hand of cards.
  • A card can be retained by clicking on either the Hold button or the card.
  • Swap the cards that were not held by clicking on Deal.
  • If you had a winning combination then the game continues as described below. If you didn't have a winning combination then the round is over and you can begin again.

Having won the round you can to continue betting with all your winnings by clicking Double, or simply collect your money by clicking Collect.

It is possible to collect half your winnings and bet the other half, to do this click Half Double.

When doubling, the Bet screen will tell you how much you are betting and the Win screen will tell you how much you can win.

Bet Max The button places the maximum bet of five coins and automatically deals the cards for the next round
Bet One Increase your bet by a coin at a time up to a maximum of five. When you are happy with your bet click Deal to receive your cards
Deal Deal a hand of cards or change cards that are not held with cards from the pack
Hold Cards are held by clicking the hold button below the card. If you change your mind, click the button again to release the card. Cards can also be held by clicking on the relevant card. If you are doubling, you can play a card using the hold button
Shortcut keys

As a substitute for the mouse you can use the following shortcuts by pressing the corresponding keys on your keyboard.

TAB Move the indicator to the next button on screen
ENTER Identical to using the mouse to click on a button
SPACE BAR Automatically places an identical bet to the previous round and deals the cards
NUMBERS 1,2,3,4,5. The cards are represented from left to right by a number key. To hold a card simply press the number which represents it
ESC End the game