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How To Play The Game: Progressive Slots

  • By choosing to click on the top and left side of the reel you are selecting a Bet One where you can choose a payline. Clicking on Bet One again allows you to add another payline. By pressing Bet Max all paylines are selected and the reel will be set into action. The total bet, the value spent on a round is calculated in accordance to the amount of lines you select multiplied by the line bet.
  • By clicking Spin the reels will be set in motion.
  • A win is paid in accordance with the winning table if the reel stops at a winning combination. To view the paytable click on the paytable button to move along the pages use the Next and Back options and close the screen by close. Winnings on more than one payline at the same time are added together automatically for you.
Jackpot :
It is possible to win in the progressive Jackpot, whereby 2% of every bet for each competing person is added to a common pot. The winning player in some games will receive a set amount from within it or in other games a player may be entitled to win the whole Jackpot.
Please note:
  • A variety of games insist on a specific bet to allow entry into the Jackpot.
  • If by chance you are disconnected in the middle of a round, the value of the Jackpot will not be altered. Once reconnected you do not need to place a new bet, and you can complete your game at exactly the same odds.
  • The casino will notify you if there is a situation whereby a Jackpot is terminated and the game is closed.
How the Jackpot in this game works:
Seed- The value in the Jackpot at the beginning of the game 37 500 x coin size
Contribution percentage (How much of each wager goes toward the Jackpot) 2%
Eligibility for the Jackpot Play for max bet.
Paytable The paytable can be viewed by clicking on the paytable button and closed the same way.
Bet One Used to add a wager for the amount of one coin – you can increase at most by eight coins, automatically initiating a payline each time. By clicking Spin the reel will start.
Bet Max The largest wager will automatically be bet and the reel will be spun automatically.
Spin The Spin button sets the reels in motion.

Rather than using the buttons certain keys can be used from the keyboard to play as further explained below.

Keys Functions
TAB Allows you to move and select a button
ENTER Will activate the selected button.
SPACEBAR To set the reel in motion at the current wager.
ESC Exit you from the game.