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How to play: Multi Line Slots

What are Paylines?

By the reel there are visible lines, Active Paylines that can be activated by clicking on Bet.

A win occurs on an active payline and has to consist of consecutive symbols from the left reel with the exception of a Scatter symbol.

Payouts Explained:

To calculate the size of a win, simply multiply the payout with the coin size on the Payatable screen.

Scatter Symbol

It is possible to win additionally if two or more scatter symbols appear on the screen, not in a specific payline. The winnings for these scatter symbols are calculated by multiplying your wager and in addition to active paylines.

The Bonus symbol

You can reach a Bonus Round, if, on an active payline, you get three or more Bonus symbols in a row. A variety of prizes are available for you here.

Paytable The paytable can be viewed by clicking on the paytable button.
Bet Used to add another payline
Bet Max The largest wager will automatically be bet and the reel will be spun automatically.
Spin The spin button sets the reels in motion.

Rather than using the buttons certain keys can be used from the keyboard to play as further explained below.

Key Function
TAB Use to Highlight a button.
ENTER Will activate the selected button.
SPACEBAR To set the reels in motion at the current wager.
ESC Exits you from the game.
    • To the side of the reels are the line numbers and it is possible to click on these to choose the number active paylines. Clicking on payline 1 will select just this but choosing payline 18 will also include the other17 paylines. By pressing Bet Max all paylines are selected and the reel will be set into action. Your wager is calculated by multiplying the active paylines with the coin size.
    • By clicking Spin the reels will be set in motion.
    • A win is in accordance to the winning table if the reel stops at a winning combination.
    • The Paytable can be viewed by clicking on the paytable button and closed by pressing the Back button. Winnings are added up if you are triumphant on more than one payline.