European Roulette
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How to play: European Roulette


  1. The first step to playing European Roulette is choosing the value of your chips. This can be done by clicking on the chip with your desired value. To change the selected chip value, simply click on a chip with a different value.
  2. The next step is to place your bet. This is done by clicking on the area of the betting board that displays your desired bet. Each time you click on it, a chip of the amount selected will be added to the bet. To remove chips from your bet, simply right click on them. (If the chip you wish to remove is worth more than the entire bet placed, then removing it will effectively cancel that bet).
  3. You are now ready to play – click "Spin" to spin that wheel!
Controlling the game:
The following buttons control the following aspects of the game:


Spin Spins the Mini Roulette wheel.
Rebet Places the same bet as the one you made in the previous round.
Clear Bets Clears the table of all previous bets made.
Skip Turn Skips your turn (only when playing in multiplayer mode).
If you're looking for an alternative to clicking, then the following keys can be pushed in order to control the game:


Press this key To do this
TAB Move between buttons appearing on the screen.
ENTER Select the button that is currently highlighted.
SPACE BAR Works the same as "Rebet" (shown above)
NUMBER KEYS These respond to the various chip values, and pressing them will select chips. The values that the number keys correspond to depends on the amount of chips allowed for the player, and this is something that can change.
ESC Leave the game and return to the lobby.