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How to play the game: Mega Ball:


With Megaball the option of eight different games, with differing betting strategies is presented in the middle of the screen. Instructions are clearly explained once you have clicked on your preferred game and each allows you the chance to play for one or a multiple draw. Each game offers you the choice to play for one drawing or multiple drawings of up to 50 repetitions.

On the bottom of the game screen you can view your active bets on the table. These bets can be modified or cleared at your will by clicking on them.

At the top of the screen a clock is featured allowing you to see the remaining amount of time until the commencement of the next draw. A bet can not be placed during the last ten seconds. This will become apparent as the Confirm button will disappear from the screen and only reappear once you are permitted to place a bet for the subsequent draw.


A progressive Jackpot is one winning option available in this game, where a small amount of each players' bets are combined in a common pot, leaving the winning player to win the full Jackpot.

Please note:
  • The Jackpot value will remain the same even if you are disconnected in the middle of a round. The casino automatically remembers the play, allowing you to finish your game with the same stakes once you log in again.
  • You will be notified by the casino if a Jackpot is discontinued- if the casino client closes and removes the game.

The Jackpot's Workings:

Seed (The amount of money in the Jackpot at the start): 20 000 x your jackpot bet size.
Contribution rate (The percentage of each bet that will go towards the Jackpot): 85%
Win condition (the result needed in order to win the Jackpot): Five balls match
Win requirements (what is required of you to be eligible to win the Jackpot): Place the jackpot bet.
Buttons and meters on the screen:

Current balance – On the left side of the screen you can view your current balance.

Bet – Shows the amount you bet in the last draw.

You win – Shows you your win on the last draw.